You may think this is a website. Well, it’s not just that.
This that you see goes way beyond being a plain web page. It also goes beyond being a project or a story.

This is the Soul of All Stories.

This is You, waking up in a bed, on a lazy, warm morning.
This is You enjoying the sweet tickle between your face’s skin and the pillow below it.
This is You smiling and smelling the breeze of home.
This is You, forgetting the word ‘guest’ in a place that feels like the most natural spot on the face of the Earth at that point in space and time.

This is Us, behind the curtains, making sure that the tea sip you’re tasting at our place gets the best possible surrounding.
This is Us, the decorators of your Soul’s experience. The hosts of your well-deserved pause. The characters that make your journey feel just right.

This is Our Place. Yours and Ours. The Hostel. With all the stories behind it, with its birth and its reason to be. That can’t be separated from our reason to be. This is a lifestyle. Behind walls and pieces of furniture, behind sheets and gardens there is the vibrant life itself. That gathers all of us together.

This is Soul Hostels.
Enjoy the stay, enjoy the ride!

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